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I. Overview

All WorldIRC server applications must be accompanied by authorization to run an IRC server. This authorization must come from the owner of the machine (if the applicant is not the owner). "Root" access to the machine from which the server is run is not required but first person contact to the person(s) with "root" access is required (either by phone/email/etc.). Routing-com *WILL* verify that these conditions are met. The server software used by the WorldIRC network is not publicly available and will only be distributed to the administrator after a testlink to the network has been granted. Administrators are encourage to read ALL of the requirements before applying for a testlink. Failure to do so will consist of the dismissal of the application. Upon receiving the completed application a discussion of the server will be held between the members of Routing-com. After which, a vote will be held on whether to grant a testlink to the network. The entire process will not exceed seven (7) days, at which time the applicant will be alerted as to the results of the vote.

II. Server Requirements

All potential WorldIRC servers must meet certain hardware standards in order to ensure their performance on the WorldIRC network. The machine does NOT need to be dedicated to IRC, although it is preferred. The hardware requirements will differ slightly in the case that the machine is not dedicated. These differences can be seen in brackets.

a) Machine/Hardware Requirements

Processor: Modern Pentium class (or equivalent) or better.
Memory: 128 Megs RAM (256 Megs RAM).
Operating System: Some UNIX or compatible system configured to allow a minimum of 256 open file descriptors per process.

Ports: 4400 (routing) and 6667 (client) must be made available.
Uptime: The server must run as close to 24 hours a day/7 days a week as possible.

b) Connectivity

Servers applying are required to have at least a T1 connection to the internet. In addition the server should have minimum outgoing bandwidth of 1 Mbit/sec. Please note that we are not accepting cable/DSL servers due to the lack of stability and bandwidth that they provide.

III. Administrator Requirements

The applying administrator must have a basic knowledge of UNIX and the running of an IRC server. This includes, but is not limited to, use of the C compiler and associated utilities used in compiling of the server software, basic understanding of the configuration file, understanding of the various compile time options included in the server software. Assistance with the compiling and configuration of the server will be offered if it is required but the Routing-com staff members will not "hold the hand" of the testlink applicant.

IV. Testlink Details

Upon receiving information from the WorldIRC Routing-com regarding the approval of a testlink the applicant has seven (7) days in which to contact Routing-com. If the applicant fails to do so the testlink offer will be retracted and a new application will be necessary.

Upon receiving the applicants response regarding the testlink a meeting between the applicant and the Routing-com will be arranged at which time the server software will be distributed and C/N/H lines (along with other necessary linking information) will be exchanged.

The testlink will last for a period of no less than fourteen (14) days. During which the performance of the server will be evaluated. After the standard period of the testlink has expired the members of Routing-com will again vote and one of three options will be decided, full linking of the server, extension of the testlink period by an agreed time frame, or the delinking of the server from the network.

During the testlink period the server may have a maximum of two (2) global IRC operators. This includes the O line of the administrator (one more O line is permitted). In addition, any IRCoperators which are part of a testlink server may not request a "back-up" O line on another server. Training for the new IRCoperators along with the administrator of the server will be carried out but no global access to the service bots will be given.

Please note: all admins will be required to give shell access to the network administrator so problems and C/N/H lines can be fixed quickly.

Think you meet up to the standards? Here is the application form you need to fill, and return to us.

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